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Integrate People

Enhance Sustainability

Embrace Digital Transformation

Embrace digital transformation

Confidently lead projects with PRINCE2® 7’s modern and versatile approach

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Embrace digital transformation

Your journey to PRINCE2® 7 certification with Yellowhouse

Yellowhouse is your guide to project management excellence. With our PRINCE2® 7 certification training, we equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to lead projects with confidence and efficiency.


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What’s new in PRINCE2® 7?

With PRINCE2® 7, you can standardise your project management approach, enhance efficiency and align with globally recognised best practices

Integration of People

People are central to successful projects, now integrated into the PRINCE2 method.


Sustainability as a seventh aspect of project performance.

Digital and Data

A digital and data management approach to meet evolving needs.


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Why choose Yellowhouse's PRINCE2® 7 certification training?

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Equip yourself with the tools, knowledge and confidence to lead successful projects in today's dynamic business environment with Yellowhouse


PRINCE2® 7 certification training is a globally recognised project management training program. It’s designed for project managers, aspiring project managers and anyone involved in the design, development and delivery of projects. The training covers modern methodologies focusing on people, performance and agility, making it suitable for professionals across various industries.

The prerequisites for PRINCE2® 7 certification training depend on the level of certification you are pursuing. For the Foundation Level, there are no prerequisites, making it suitable for anyone interested in project management. For the Practitioner Level, prerequisites include holding a valid certificate in PRINCE2® 6th Edition (Foundation or Practitioner), PRINCE2® 7 Foundation, or other recognised project management qualifications such as PMQ, PPQ, PMP®, CAPM and various IPMA levels. It’s important to note that PRINCE2® 5th Edition and all other previous versions are not accepted as prerequisites for PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner. These prerequisites ensure that participants have the necessary foundational knowledge and experience to engage with the advanced concepts covered in the Practitioner Level training.

PRINCE2® 7 certification training equips you with the knowledge and skills to lead projects effectively. It enhances your understanding of project management methodologies, improves your ability to adapt to change and increases your employability. The certification is recognised worldwide, adding significant value to your professional profile.

Due to the extent of changes between versions, PRINCE2® 5th Edition and all other previous versions will not be accepted as prerequisites for PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner. We recommend starting with PRINCE2® 7 Foundation to align with the updated terminologies and new material in PRINCE2® 7.

Enrolling in PRINCE2® 7 certification training with Yellowhouse is simple. Click here for face to face training or here for virtual training and follow the prompts to complete your registration. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at courses@yellowhouse.net.