Programme Management is about strategic organizational change

MSP® provides a pragmatic approach to programme management which ensures that a strong leadership and governance structure is established and maintained.

MSP Foundation for an overview of managing strategic change with programmes

MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) brings about this change through the coordinated management of projects that change an organization to achieve benefits of strategic importance.

There is a 1 hour multiple choice Foundation Exam (60% pass mark).

The Foundation course covers all of the MSP syllabus areas

  • Overview of MSP – the context of programme management
  • 7 Principles are the driving requirements to achieve value from programme management. These principles are universal, self-validating, and empowering.
  • 7 Themes help to identify key roles, responsibilities and information needed to support the theme. The themes give practical guidance to use MSP These drivers include: Innovation and growth, Organizational re-alignment, Effective delivery, and Efficient delivery.
  • 7 Processes provide the lifecycle emphasis on the incremental nature of a programme, enabling a cyclical progression towards the desired future state.
  • MSP 5th edition emphasizes more flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness by adopting an incremental approach to the programme lifecycle, enabling organizational agility.

Delivery Method

The MSP Foundation course can be completed in 3 days including the Foundation Exam for international certification.

We also provide online courses, with online exams available

MSP Practitioner increases your understanding of strategic change initiatives

For individuals who want to build on their knowledge of MSP to practically apply the MSP framework to real life scenarios, providing skills to lead and manage a programme.

After completing the 3-day Foundation course and Foundation exam, our Practitioner workshops provide a deeper grasp of MSP and how to apply it to your environment.

There is a 2.5 hour open book multiple choice Practitioner Exam (60% pass mark).

Delivery Method

The MSP Practitioner Upgrade course can be completed in 1.5 days including the Practitioner Exam.

We also provide online courses, with online exams available.

Yellowhouse is an MSP® ATO (Accredited Training Organization)
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