Yellowhouse is an APMG Accredited Training Organization

Yellowhouse offers a range of APMG training courses, extending the breadth of global certification.
Endorsed by Queensland Government under the “Advice” heading. 

  • Praxis Framework: the first framework to integrate projects, programs and portfolio in a single guide. Endorsed by Queensland Government.
  • Change Management: implement change that works for you at enterprise, initiative, small group and individual level. Endorsed by Queensland Government.
  • Managing Benefits: focus on management of benefits from change initiatives to add value. Endorsed by Queensland Government.
  • Better Business Cases: the 5-case business case model to ensure better planning, initiative selection and results. Endorsed by Queensland Government.
  • AgilePM: project management aligned with agile methods
  • Facilitation: learn to run effective workshops to get better outcomes for your businss, projects and change
  • CLCA – Certified Local Change Agent – how to organise and manage change in your organization and teams

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