PRINCE2 Agile®, the world’s most complete project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2 Agile is tailored for forward-thinking organizations and individuals already using PRINCE2 who would like improved guidance on using agile methods with the world’s most recognized project management method. PRINCE2 Agile can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector, just as PRINCE2 can.

In response to user demand, the guidance helps PRINCE2 users tailor project management for agile development, while helping ‘agilistas’ with PRINCE2 governance requirements.

Yellowhouse has a range of Agile options:

Using PRINCE2 Agile, tailor your current PRINCE2 approach to suit integration with agile projects, whether you are using Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DSDM or a range of agile approaches.

If you want to implement “agile” with the benefit of well established project governance that can be tailored, this will work for you too.

  • You don’t need to throw out your investment in PRINCE2 – adapt, tailor, integrate.
  • PRINCE2 Agile uses work packages to support time boxes or sprints.
  • PRINCE2 Agile is the best of both worlds

The key benefits of PRINCE2 Agile:

  • Allows projects and Project Managers to focus on both management and delivery
  • Enables you to scale work to your precise requirements
  • Will work with any established agile approach
  • Is a collaboratively-built model that is corporate-friendly.

The majority of PRINCE2 Agile guidance is new material and the course examines how PRINCE2 and agile methods can interact and be adapted to accommodate each other in order to benefit overall management of projects.

Yellowhouse is a PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile® ATO (Accredited Training Organization). PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile® are reregistered trade mark of AXELOS Limited; The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved