Thinking Agile? Think Scrum!

Scrum has become a world-wide standard as an Agile management framework for the delivery of complex products in a complex environment. Project success rates have proven that the current Scrum domination is justified.

Scrum Master Certification

We offer a 2-day Agile Scrum Master course which leads to the PSM1 exam with scrum.org.

Courses are run in Brisbane and Darwin, with options for Sydney or Melbourne.

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Adopting Scrum

Scrum is appealing for companies because it is lightweight and simple to execute. Training is critical because Scrum is also extremely difficult to master.

In this Agile Scrum Master Training, you will learn the standard Scrum framework with 3 roles, 3 artefacts and 5 events. Because Scrum practices are intensive and require high-discipline, you will experience what it means to work in iterations so Scrum becomes more familiar.

Scrum can be disruptive and it is not uncommon for organisations to abandon Scrum. Based on real-life scenarios, you will see what happens when Scrums are dropped (so-called ScrumButs) and what additional (non-Scrum) practices are available to significantly increase the success rate of Scrum projects. Additional practices are from complementary methods like PRINCE2, Lean Software Development and eXtreme Programming (XP).

Candidates can claim 16 PDU’s from PMI and become a certified Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) by successfully passing an independent assessment at scrum.org with Ken Schwaber, one of the creators of Scrum.

Alternatively, candidates can take the online course with Yellowhouse.

Our trainers tackle the challenges of making Agile work for customers using PRINCE2® in combination with Scrum, Lean, DSDM and XP practices. For the Project Manager, this implies quickly initiating and iterative software development styles to incrementally deliver high-quality production software for early business benefits.

Yellowhouse has delivered commercial Agile and Scrum training courses and industry sessions where we share knowledge and experience in topics like Scrum and DSDM Agile software development models.

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