Legal and Compliance

At Yellowhouse, we have been in business since 1997, providing excellence in business improvement, consulting and training. You can trust us.

Company details

Yellowhouse.net Pty Ltd is a Proprietary Limited Company incorporated in Australia on 04 July, 1997

  • ACN: 079234405
  • ABN: 99079234405

Academy1 Pty Ltd is a Proprietary Limited Company incorporated in Australia on 20 January, 2010

  • ACN: 141570961
  • ABN: 47 141570961

Trading names

Yellowhouse.net Pty Ltd and/or Academy1 Pty Ltd trades as one of the following entities: Yellowhouse; A1-Yellowhouse; Yellowhouse Academy; Academy1

Intellectual Property

Yellowhouse.net Pty Ltd is an AXELOS ATO (Accredited Training Organization) and is compliant with IP requirements for products owned by PeopleCert. The PeopleCert IP acknowledgement page is at this link.

Yellowhouse.net Pty Ltd is an APMG ATO (Accredited Training Organization) and is compliant with all IP requirements for products administered by APMG.

Academy1 Pty Ltd is an AEO (Approved Exam Organization) for AXELOS products through PeopleCert as the Examination Institute.

Yellowhouse has Affiliates, Brokers, Resellers and Partners who are trusted companies working with the product range in compliance with the IP requirements. Academy1 operates as a training provider for Yellowhouse products, trading as A1-Yellowhouse.

Yellowhouse.net Pty Ltd has contracts in place with several companies to market, promote or re-sell their products. Yellowhouse maintains integrity of IP agreements with these partners, including PROJECT in a box, Training Bytesize, VMEdu.

Customer Charter

We are committed to our customers. We value and respect their privacy. We provide an opportunity for complements and complaints and we act on them to resolve issues and to provide improved service levels.

Trading Terms and Conditions

As a company based in Australia and trading in several countries, we make a commitment to our customers for general trading terms and for specific terms and conditions for face to face training and online training.

Contact us

Yellowhouse Head Office is in Brisbane Australia
PO Box 7016, Holland Park East, QLD, 4121
ph 1300 733 904 or +617 3343 4246