OGC_Gateway3Need a professional, independent review of your program or project aligned to best practice?

Our consultants provide Gateway review services.

What is the Gateway process?

Developed by the OGC in the UK Government, Gateway involves short, intensive reviews at critical points in the lifecycle of the initiative by a team of reviewers not associated with the programme/project. This provides an arm’s length assessment of the programme/project against its specified objectives, and an early identification of areas requiring corrective action.

A team of external practitioners use their experience and expertise to provide Senior Responsible Owners of a program/project timely, independent and confidential advice at key decision points regarding progress and likelihood of delivery success.

Assurance and Health Checks

Gateway is one review. We can assist with a range of health check and assurance models, particularly around methodology application and refinement for change initiatives. Like PRINCE2 or MSP. Or ITIL. Or Six Sigma. Or Cyber Security.

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