Online Exams with PeopleCert

PeopleCert online exams use Exam Shield with a human supervisor who supports the exam process.
You can check access requirements and a compatibility test with your computer:

The Exam process

After purchasing your exam on this site, you will receive a voucher email from PeopleCert.
You can choose your own date and time for the exam when you register.
When setting up for the exam, you will be prompted to install the Exam Shield software.
You should also check that

  • You have a valid ID document with photo with you
  • You can rotate the webcam 360°
  • You have no other screens or webcams connected to your computer.

At least 10 minutes before you are due to start the exam, press the Exam Shield “OK” button and wait for the supervisor if he/she is not yet online.
A popup message will notify you if any application needs to be closed to continue with the exam.

  • A wizard will guide you towards connecting to your Proctor and starting your exam.
  • Your online proctor will let you know when you can start your exam!

Take2 Re-sit Exam Option

You can pre-purchase the PeopleCert Take2 from our site when you buy your exam.
Take2 candidates can re-sit their exam within 6 months, rather than paying full price.
You should purchase from our site when you book, as the PeopleCert option will be more expensive.

Rescheduling the online exam

You can change the date and time of the exam up to 48 hours before the date chosen.
If you want to modify date and time within the 48 hour limit, PeopleCert will apply a fee.

Want to know more?

You can read the Online Proctoring documentation, plus the Windows and MacOS exam options.

Contact us for more information