infographic-1With everyone and everything going to the internet, the biggest problem we face is cyber security.

From identity fraud to stolen data to hacked accounts, there are thousands of people globally who are determined to cause havoc and disruption. We need to know how to protect ourselves.

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy shows commitment to protect data and assets and Australian people under five themes. One is Education.

The Internet is transforming how we socialise and do business in ways its founders could not have imagined. It is changing how we are entertained and informed, affecting almost every aspect of our lives.

We are all targets for malicious attackers who use cyberspace to attack our interests. The scale and reach of malicious cyber activity is unprecedented. The rate of compromise is increasing and the methods used by malicious actors are rapidly evolving.

We must protect ourselves.

At Yellowhouse, we have access to training products that will empower individuals and companies with tools and knowledge to protect us. We will launch Cyber Security training in Brisbane and throughout Australia with face to face training and online courses.

NB: The infographic is sourced from “Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy” published April 2016 on the dpmc.gov.au website.

Our training courses will include

We partner with Cyber Security consultants who can assess your vulnerability and assist with protection and capability.